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Loloish dialect and script of 18th century Liangshan reflected in the Luoluo Yiyu

Hongyin Nie 聂鸿音

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In the Qing compilation Luoluo Yiyu there are preserved precious materials of the Loloish language and script of mid-18th century Liangshan. The version in ōtani University has proved to be the definitive edition for Imperial reading, but as the last copyist was not literate in Loloish, his writing forms and glyph arrangements were influenced by Chinese instead of Lolos. Some entries in the Luoluo Yiyu can be successfully deciphered according to modern Liangshan Standard Yi Script and the Xide dialect of the Yi language.

【关键词】Liangshan dialect, Loloish script, Luoluo Yiyu, modern Yi script

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