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  • Moving eyes on pictures following visual grammar benefits meaning making: 
Evidence from Chinese Children

    Li Linhui, Cortazzi Martin, Liu Baogen, Gao Xiaomei

    Children focus on pictures during storybook reading,


    关键词:Eye movement, independent reading, meaning making, visual grammar

    日期 2019-12-09

  • Vocabulary development of young Uyghur children: Exploring trajectories of receptive and expressive vocabulary

    Si Chen, Peizhi Wen, Chen Chen

    Recent researches of Xinjiang Uyghur young children’s bilin


    关键词:child language development, Uyghur-Chinese bilingual acquisition, vocabulary development

    日期 2020-01-23

  • Associations between young children's 
print fixations during book reading and 
their early literacy skills

    Baogen Liu, Feifei Li, Hui Jiang, Justice M. Laura

    In the current study, the potentially causal association bet


    关键词:causal association, eye-movement, early literacy abilities, print fixations

    日期 2020-01-23

  • Building a norm-referenced dataset for vocabulary assessment based on Chinese vocD and word classes

    Yibin Zhang, Jing Zhou

    Exploration of trajectories of expressive language samples i


    关键词:Lexical diversity, Mandarin-speaking children, norm-referenced datasets, vocabulary assessment, word classes

    日期 2020-01-29

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