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Building a norm-referenced dataset for vocabulary assessment based on Chinese vocD and word classes

Yibin Zhang, Jing Zhou

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【摘要】Exploration of trajectories of expressive language samples is essential for understanding potential indicators for language disorder assessment. This study examined conversational language samples from 341 typically developing Mandarin-speaking children aged 3–7. Through analysis of lexical diversity and word classes, a norm-referenced dataset for vocabulary assessment was built, including indicators such as vocD and the types and tokens of nouns, verbs, measures, adverbs, conjunctions and prepositions. As norm-referenced indicators for the language development of children speaking Mandarin, these developmental data could also inform clinical therapists about the direction of intervention for children with vocabulary deficits.

【关键词】Lexical diversity, Mandarin-speaking children, norm-referenced datasets, vocabulary assessment, word classes

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