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Graphic abbreviation of Chinese characters in Vietnam: A case study of “dot and bend” in Sino-Nom texts

Bích-Tuyển Thị Đỗ 杜氏碧选

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【摘要】This article describes research on “dot and bend” ( ) as a graphic abbreviation of Chinese characters in Sino-Nom books and stele inscriptions. Documentary survey results show that the sign “dot and bend” may be an abbreviation of a whole character (錢, 饒) or a radical (食, 金, 君, 镸, 雚) on the left of a character. This abbreviation appeared in Vietnam from the 12th to the early 20th century, which had some specific characteristics in comparison with Chinese characters in China, Japan and Korea.

【作者简介】Bích-Tuyển Thị Đỗ ,Institute of Sino-Nom Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, Vietnam

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