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A study of the cognitive function of Chinese characters based on the semiotics of writing

Hyounjoo Shim 沈贤珠

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【摘要】This paper attempts to critique phonocentrism based on linguistic signs and explores the cognitive functions of Chinese characters through semiotic concepts and approaches. From the semiotics of writing, this paper suggests a model of Chinese characters’ perceptive cognition which works on schema of character codes and signification. This model logically demonstrates the process by which consumers recognize Chinese orthographic signs and associate with certain meanings. This paper also analyzes the process of signification performed by consumers in the Sinosphere. Specifically examining some cases of branding strategies by Chinese and Korean companies, it endeavors to test the efficacy of the model by applying it to the model for perception cognitive of Chinese character. This study aims at expanding the discursive space for the incorporation of convergence theory and methodology. Presenting a semiotic model of sensory perception, the paper attempts to contribute to the establishment of semiotics based on Chinese characters which display eminent iconic, symbolic and cognitive functions.

【关键词】Cognitive function, perception cognitive model of Chinese character sign, semiotics of writing

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