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Exploring the relationships between Nôm characters by comparing forms, sounds, and meanings

Đình Hiền Nguyễn and Hai Ha Vu 阮廷贤,武海河

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【摘要】This article identifies and distinguishes Nôm characters by comparing their forms, sounds, and meanings. In this light, the relationships between Nôm characters can be classified into eight specific cases. This article provides examples, in-depth analysis, and a discussion of issues related to each specific case. The corpus this article draws on includes the Nôm characters in Quốc Âm Thi Tập (National language poetry collection) by Nguyễn Trãi (1380–1442) and Truyện Kiều (The tale of Kieu) by Nguyễn Du (1766–1820). The research results of this article can carry implications for the identification of Nôm characters, the studies of authors and their works, phonetics research, as well as the investigation into other scripts adapted from the Chinese script.

【关键词】Chinese character, meaning, Nôm character, phonetic component, semantic component

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