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Exploring the development of early reading literacy and story narrative among young children

Chuanjiang Li, Zhaojing Ma, Xinmei Xi

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【摘要】While numerous studies have examined the development of reading literacy and language skills of older primary and middle school-aged children, comparably little research focuses on those of younger children. The present study investigates the links between early reading literacy – including reading behavior, comprehension, and engagement–and narrative skills among children aged from 3 to 6. Eighty-five children participated in a picture book reading activity and a storytelling task. Their early reading literacy was rated during a child-led picture book reading, and their narrative skills were scored using the Edmonton Narrative Norms Instrument. Although the children’s development varied greatly in three early reading literacy sub-dimensions, we found a significant developmental tendency and a correlated relationship between early reading literacy and narrative skills among young children. The preschool children’s reading initially focused on pictures and gradually transferred to print as their age increased. Moreover, their reading behavior, comprehension and engagement had a predictive effect on narrative structure and linguistic development. This study suggests that school-based practices for early reading instruction should focus on children’s reading literacy and narrative skills in the future.

【关键词】Early reading literacy, narrative skills, reading behavior, reading comprehension, reading engagement

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