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The configuration of the variant characters of the vowers’ names in the Houma Covenant

Youn Ok Kang

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Variability and complexity are the most significant features of the characters between the Spring and Autumn and Warring States eras. A large number of polymorphous materials and the configuration details of Spring and Autumn characters had emerged by the time of the excavation of the Houma Covenant. These data make us realize that the heteromorphic characters also exist in the same area of a country, and also let us know that some glyphs can help us to periodize the date of the characters. The configuration and style of names in the Spring and Autumn Period, the phenomenon of polymorphic characters in the Houma Covenant, and the characteristics of the chronological structure of the characters of the names of vowers in the Houma Covenant are the centerpiece of this paper based on 10 vowers’ names.

【关键词】Configuration, Houma Covenant, periodization, Polymorphic characters, the vowers in the Covenant

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