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Interpretations of the term Fu Yao (扶揺) in the Zhuang Zi outer chapter Zaiyou(在宥) and Guo Xiang Zhu (郭象注): Issues concerning the commentator approach

Tohru Ohgata

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The 10 suns bathing relates to sun worship. The story of the suns bathing and then emerging from the water has likely become one of a fish changing into a bird, becoming a winged sun, and then flying off from the tree branches. When icons and documents such as Chu Ci (楚辞), the Chu () silk paintings, Shan Hai Jing (山海經), and the Mawangdui (馬王堆) silk paintings are brought together, this outline can be drawn. In doing so, the Fu Yao (扶揺)is not the windin Guo Xiangs (郭象) annotation; it is best to understand the Fu Yao (扶揺)in Xiaoyaoyou (逍遙遊) and the Fu Yao(扶揺) branchesin the Zaiyou (在宥) text to both be akin to Fusang (扶桑).

【关键词】Fu Yao (扶揺), Fu Yao branches, Fusang (扶桑), Guo Xiang (郭象), Shiri Chuanshuo (十日傳説)

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