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A supplementary study on the Chinese writings in Pidgin English Lyrics

Daxin Nie

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Chinese Pidgin Language has existed in the southern coastal areas of China since the 16th century and is a lingua franca of European languages, Mandarin and Chinese dialects, influenced by the class of users and the particular using occasion. Chinese people mainly rely on Chinese transcriptions to express and record this idiosyncratic dialect without regard for original foreign letters and spelling rules. This method, however, reserves the dialectal phonetic feature and writing system of sight words in an early period. Limited by the material recorded, relevant concerns about Chinese Pidgin Language have been at a standstill. Referring to the regional variations, studies on Yang King Pang English needs to be worthy of attention. By referring to the corresponding agreements of Chinese Pidgin Language extracted from earlier studies as well as the historical evidence, the present article makes a thorough correction of and supplement to all questioned Chinese transcriptions embedded in these Pidgin English Lyrics not well-known by the academic. The achievement, integrated with the existing transcriptions of these lyrics, would provide one complete glossary of Yang King Pang English in that period.

【关键词】Chinese transcription, language contact, Pidgin English Lyrics, Shanghai dialect, Yang King Pang English

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