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A study of Chinese influence on Vietnamese word formation

Đình-Hiền Nguyễn and Tuấn-Cường Nguyễn

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【摘要】In its history of development, Vietnamese language was greatly influenced by Chinese language in phonetic and lexical aspects. Although lexical studies have revealed a number of findings, our understanding of the influence of Chinese language on Vietnamese language in terms of word formation is far from complete owing to the complexity of the issue as well as different conceptualizations and research methodologies. Based on the Chinese characters and the degree of Vietnamization, we divide the elements in Vietnamese language borrowed from Chinese language at the level of word formation into four types: semi-morphemes (which only have sound with unidentified meanings); semi-free morphemes 1 (which can only be combined with Sino-Vietnamese morphemes); semi-free morphemes 2 (which can be combined with Sino-Vietnamese and pure Vietnamese morphemes); and free morphemes. On that basis, the study conducted a survey on the specific number of each type of element, thereby giving a comprehensive evaluation of the influence of Chinese language on Vietnamese language at the level of word formation, as well as hints about Vietnamese-Chinese language exposure.

【关键词】Chinese characters, morpheme, Sino-Vietnamese, Vietnamese, word formation

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