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A textual research on Chos-kyi Seng-ge, the Xixia State Preceptor

Bojun Sun 孙伯君

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Based on the colophons and relevant records in Tangut scriptures, the present paper investigates the dharma dissemination, teaching lineage and the relevant section of the Xixia bla-ma Chos-kyi seng-ge. It is pointed out that the appellations of Chos-kyi seng-ge, Yar-klongs-ba and Chos ma ge indicate one and the same fi gure who gave Xixia various scriptures transmitted by his preceptor Kun-dga’ snying-po (1092–1158) and Zhang Rin-po-che (1123–1194). The investigation in this paper provides valuable data for defi ning the relevance of the Śrīvajrayogīnisiddhi in Xixia with early Tibetan Tantrism and clarifying the appearance of Xixia Buddhism.

【关键词】Chos-kyi seng-ge, Śrīvajrayogīnisiddhi, Tangutology, Tibetan Tantrism, Yar-klongs ba

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