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This paper takes Zhuang classics as the new material and comprehensively sorts out the homomorphic characters of Zhuang classics. It concludes that the formation mechanism of Sawndip homograph is mainly divided into six types as follows: Type 1 is formed by the convergence of character-formation motivation. Type 2 is formed by the impreciseness of borrowing Chinese characters. Type 3 is formed by the variation of Sawndip writing system. Type 4 is formed by the differences in Chinese dialects. Type 5 is formed by the inheritance of Chinese characters’ homograph. Type 6 is formed by the influences of Zhuang language vocabulary system. This conclusion is helpful to further understand the character nature and characteristics of Sawndip.

【关键词】壮族典籍 方块壮字 同形字 形成机制

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