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An exploratory survey of the graphic variants used in Japan: Part one

Xiaohong Liang 梁晓虹

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This article examines the variant Chinese characters used in Japan. On the basis of past research, this article redefines the so-called nihon (no) zokuji (demotic characters used in Japan) as follows: they refer to the Chinese characters which, after having been introduced to Japan, were developed by the Japanese literati, excluding genuine kokuji (characters made in Japan) and demotic characters transmitted from China. The article also discusses the research materials on the Japanese demotic characters, drawing particular attention to two points: one is the considerable amount of influence the wayō shodō (Japanese style calligraphy) imparted to the generation of the Japanese demotic characters, and the other forms the initial causes for the generation of certain wazokuji (demotic characters used in ancient Japan) when the Japanese adopted the Chinese characters under certain cognitive consciousness.

【关键词】Chinese character, Japanese demotic character, kanden zokuji, kokuji, variant character
【作者简介】Nanzan University, Japan 日本南山大学

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