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Research of square scripts in Vietnam: An overview and prospects

Nguyễn Tuấn Cường 阮俊强

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This paper first assesses the achievements and limitations of square scripts research in Vietnam, and then progresses to sketch out necessary steps that should be undertaken in the near future. The paper argues that researchers in Vietnam need to face the reality that the field of grammatology (or graphology), specifically regarding the research of square scripts, on the whole remains weak in many areas, despite some achievements, such as in the aspect of Nom script. Within the present academic circumstances, a key issue will be entering into the international arena and co-operating on multiple levels with international academia in order to absorb the knowledge and experience of the international community, thereby creating a stable foundation on which this field can be developed in Vietnam.

【关键词】Grammatology, Nom script, Sinographs, square script, Vietnam
【作者简介】Institute of Sino-Nom Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, Vietnam越南汉喃研究院

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