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Korean-coined characters and syllable Structure

Yongki Lim林龙基 、Jiyoung Le李智瑛

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Korean-coined characters were invented by Korean people themselves to improve some situations in which they were not able to write their native words with existing Chinese characters or its sound and meaning. Hence, it became necessary for them to take some novel approaches like inventing a new Hanja not belonging to an existing one, and borrowing and modifying it as appropriate to their usages, yet not following its existing sound and meaning. The primary purpose of the work is to examine the type of character, and the character formation of syllabic consonant combinations such as the combination of codas, of fortes and of epentheses, and to confirm that they are strongly related to the syllabic structure of Korean.

【关键词】Character formation, Hanja, Jajeon Seokyo, Korean-coined character, Sinjajeon
【作者简介】Yongki Lim 林龙基YonseiUniversity, 韩国延世大学 Jiyoung Le李智瑛Kyungsung University, Korea韩国庆星大学

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