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Aims & Scope

Chinese writing systems, different from the alphabetical systems of Europe and America, which are often a natural part of language studies, turn out to be an independent academic concern. Chinese writing systems become a crucial factor in the construction of Chinese language, literature, philosophy, psychology, etc.. It is the fundamental influential element for all humanity studies concerning China.

Chinese writing systems are different in many aspects from major writing systems of western languages, with complex structures and the employment of thousands of individual characters. The research of them will reveal the diversity of the usage of symbols to record a language, thus makes them the important objects of investigation in the field of language studies.

Journal of Chinese Writing Systems is the first journal published which especially and systematically focuses on the Chinese writing systems, in an attempt to promote the understanding of Chinese writing and build a platform for the studies of related fields.

The journal welcomes articles within the scope as below:

  • - Theoretical studies of Chinese modern characters and ancient scripts, writings of Chinese                     minorities, e.g. Tangut, Khitan scripts, Dongba scripts, etc.

  • - Theoretical studies of the world's writing systems, especially the comparative studies on hieroglyphs     of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia and on other Asian writing systems

  • - Semiotic and aesthetic concerns of Chinese scripts.

  • - Cognition and acquisition of Chinese characters

  • - The cross-disciplinary studies between Chinese writing systems and ancient history, ancient                 documents, archeology.

  • - Computer coding, recognition and database construction of scripts. AI in the study of scripts.

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