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The image recognition can go as far as professional database processing goes. The lexical database of Hokkaido University in Japan, the Buddhist text database of Kyoto Bukkyo University, and the East Asian Chinese Lexical database of the HK Enterprise of the Center for the Study of Chinese Characters in Korea, Kyungsung University, all have docking plans for image recognition.

CSACC of East China Normal University, a key research base of the humanities and social sciences of China, submitted to the conference the cognitive tool products and R&D reports in the field of Graphic Mirror Panorama: Ideographic big data+ AI series -Shang and Zhou Inscriptions Image Recognition Intelligent Mirror. According to the reports, other unearthed scripts products such as Oracle Bone Inscription Intelligent Image Recognition Mirror are being developed across disciplines. In addition, Computer Identification of Bronze Inscriptions of Shang and Zhou Dynasties has also been listed as a major project of the National Social Science Fund of China in 

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