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Zang Kehe

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Professor of Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature, East China Normal University.
Chair of the Center for the Study and Applications of Chinese Characters, ECNU;
Editor-in-Chief of The study of Chinese Character
Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Chinese Writing Systems
President of the World Association of Chinese Characters Studies.

Research Area: Chinese Linguistics and Philology, Chinese Writing system 

1.Character Genealogy of Qin, Han and Six Dynasties, East China Normal University Press,2019 (eds)
2.Script Chart of the Manuscripts of Tang Dynasty Kept in Japan (9 vols), East China Normal Univerisity Press,2017(eds)
3.History of Chinese Writing Development (5 vols), East China Normal University Press,2016 (eds)
4. History of Chinese Writing Development: Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties East China Normal University Press,2016
5. Practical Shuowen Jiezi, Shanghai Classics Publishing House,2012
6. Script Chart of Han, Wei, Six Dynasties, Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties, South Daily Press,2011
7. Bamboo Slips & Silk and Schoarship, Daxiang Publishing House,2010
8. Stone Epigraphy of China (4 vols), South Daily Publishing House,2010(eds)
9. Variant Scripts of China: Clerical Scripts Shanghai Calligraphy and Painting Press,2010
10. Scripts Evolution in Medieval China(2 vols, East China Normal University Press,2008
11. Revised Shuowen Jiezi, Zhonghua Shuju,2002
12. Textual Study of Shangshu, Shanghai Educational Publishing House,1999
13. Unit-Concept History of Chinese Characters, Xuelin Press,1998
14. Chinese Scripts and Confucianism, Guangxi Educational Publishing House,1996
15. Cultural Interpretation of Shuowen Jiezi, Hubei People's Publishing House, 1995
16. Chinese Characters and Aesthetic Psychology, Xuelin Press, 1990 


1. On the cognitive strategy of ideographic writing: Taking the semanto-phonetic structure of Chu bamboo-strip scripts as an example, Journal of Chinese Writing Systems,2018(1)
2. A supplement to the studies of tralatitious editions of Shangshu and the character issues (II): A version comparison of Yueming, Journal of Chinese Writing Systems,2017(1)
3. The Development of Calligraphy and its Style—the Social Factors of the development of Calligraphy in Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties‚ Academic Journal‚2007.
4. On "Poetics"in Bamboo Scripts of Chu State in the Peroid of Warring States in the Collection of Shanghai Museum‚ Chinese Linguistics and Philology‚ 2002.
5.Reading Notes on the Collection of Bronze Inscriptions at the Yinshang Times‚ Studies on Ancient Chinese Characters‚ 2002.

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