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普宁藏本《密咒圆因往生集》的八思巴字拼写中“垢”字作 gow,与拼写范本《蒙古字韵》不符,后者作ghiw。尽管 gow 的形式在表音上更准确,但却不符合系统的要求。于是乎就造成了被视作拼写范本的《蒙古字韵》中“垢”拼作 ghiw 成为通行规范形式,而 gow 的拼写形式则只能视作仅此一见的一个例外。

AbstractThe “” is being spelled as gow in Mizhou-yuanyin-wangshengji, and this special spelling-form is not in accordance with that of Menggu-ziyun. Also this spelling form more accurately expresses the pronunciation of the Chinese word “”, but it cannot meets the requirement of the hP’ags-pa Script spelling system. Because of this, the spelling-form ghiw of “” is regarded as the standard form in Menggu-ziyun, and the spelling-form gow of “” is only regarded as the exception.

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