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比较文字学有其特定的研究范围, 只研究跨文字比较中的部分内容, 核心内容是发现两种文字间的相同点、不同点以及联系。一般不考虑所比较的文字是否具有代表性或传播接触关系, 也不注重于寻找文字的普遍规律、类型特征、传播接触关系以及发展层次差异。

Comparative grammatology has its specific research scope. It only studies part of the content of cross-text comparison. The core is to find the similarities, differences and connections between two scripts. Generally, it does not consider whether these scripts are representative or have communication relations. It also does not pay attention to find the general rule, type characteristics, communication relations and the differences of  development level.

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