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吴盛亚 Shengya Wu

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AbstractIn this paper, basing on the usage of yun() in oracle bone inscriptions, we discuss three aspects: fi rst of all, by investigating the position of “yun qi(允其)+verb” and the modality with uncertain of “qi()”, this paper deems “yun qi (允其)+verb” is a part of mingci (命辞). Secondly, in most of positive-negative charge pairs of inscriptions from which we can know the diviner’s attitude, the contents after yun() are always in keeping with the diviner’s expectation. However, it is impossible to learn the diviners presupposition simply by the usage of the word “yun ()”. Last, the phrase of “yun jia yu (允甲雨)” is in an ordinary order, which is the analogy to the phrase of “yun xi yu (允夕雨)” in the same period.

【关键词】甲骨文 允 命辞 占卜者的态度 语序

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