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关于西汉诸侯王的玺印,传世文献的记载并不多,相关实物更是少之又少,目前仅有“滇王之印”是考古发掘出土的夷王之印,另有三王之玺和二王之印也只留下封泥。2009 年,公安部门追缴回来的“长沙王玺”和 “长沙王印”,为同一区域的诸侯王所有,为学界探讨西汉时期诸侯王的玺印制度提供了非常重要的依据。

AbstractThere are a few records about vassal seals in Western Han Dynasty in handed-on documents and the related materials are very rare. At present, only “Dianwang zhi yin滇王之印” , a seal of a minority King, is discovered by archeologists, whereas, characters of three xi and two yin are recorded in lutes. In the year of 2009, the police seized the seals of “Changshawang xi长沙王玺” and “Changshawang yin长沙王印”, which once belonged to the King who controlled the same territory. They provide signifi cant evidence for the research on the system of vassal seals in Western Han Dynasty.


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