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“曾”在甲骨文中常作地名,学者多引用屯南卜辞 815、1098 和花园庄东地甲骨卜辞 294 中的“曾”来说明商代曾国的方位,本文结合辞例与传世文献中的用法分析认为这些卜辞中的“曾”并非作为地名或国名使用,而是一种副词用法,表示顺承关系,与传世文献中“则”的一种用法类似,因此不能据之来说明商代曾国的地理位置。

AbstractIn the oracle bone inscriptions, the graph Zeng is always used as a state name. Some scholars quoted the Zeng in the Tunnan no.815, no.1098 and Huayuanzhuang Dongdi no.294 inscriptions to demonstrate the location of the state Zeng. We believe Zeng in these oracle bone inscriptions were used as an adverb instead of a name of place. It means “afterwards” or “then” which is equal to the word Ze in the traditional documents and texts.

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