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Philological connotations among various manuscripts of Xianluoguan Yiyu

Wei Zheng 郑伟 and Chenyu Li 李晨雨

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Xianluoguan Yiyu is a series of Siamese-Chinese vocabularies compiled by the Ming and Qing government for translation or interpretation teachings. In choosing transcription characters, the compilers emphasized the agreement on initials and main vowels more than distinctions between voiced and unvoiced consonants. Various manuscripts reflect some phonetic characteristics in different periods during two centuries, in which it is proved that the sound changes ofʔb- > b- > m- and ʔd- > d- > l- were completed no later than the later period of the 17th century.

【关键词】Chinese transcription, phonetic correspondence, Siamese, Xianluo Yiyu
【作者简介】Wei Zheng 郑伟 East China Normal University, China 华东师范大学 Chenyu Li 李晨雨 East China Normal University, China 华东师范大学

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