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Dongba scripts are a kind of pictographic character in primitive DongbaReligion of Naxi Minority, which is called as the “alive” pictographs. They aremainly used for writing Dongba manuscripts, which is related to religion. Andsome of them, named applied literature, are used for recording variousactivities in daily life. Title deed is an important category of appliedliterature in Naxi language, which has a high academic value for studying Naxipolitical, economy, historical folklore, language and character as well associal relation. The Haizimanguoguo Land Title is the earliestapplied literature in Naxi language so far. This article translates the wholetitle deed word for word and sentence for sentence, analyzes its characters andcontent, and then draws a conclusion.


【关键词】annotation, Dongba scripts, land title 东巴文, 地契, 译释

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