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Suisheng Yu 喻遂生

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Letter is a main type of non-religious manuscripts of Naxi Dong-ba.Letters, which are different from religious manuscripts, are comparable toeveryday life and have their own features in manuscript form and language usage.However, they were rarely published before. In this article we translate theletter written by Yang Yu-fa, a Naxi priest in Bai-di, and analyze the letter’sfeatures and values in philology and linguistics.

     书信是东巴文应用性文献的重要类别。书信与经书不同,能反映东巴的日常生活和思想状况,文献形式和语言文字也有特点,但以前很少刊布。本文对 1998 年白地杨玉发东巴写的一封东巴文书信进行了译释,分析了书信的文献学、语言文字学特点和价值。

【关键词】白地, 东巴文, 书信, 译释 Bai-di, Dong-bascript, letter, translation

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