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As a social phenomenon, the using of characters is a mirror of theuser’s mental state and mental appearance. Zi Xue Zuan Yao isa dictionary and a textbook for learning of the Jinlong Zhuang nationality, andit is not only the actual record of the characters using in Jinlong, but also atrue portrayal of the group’s cultural psychology. We observed thepsychological characteristics of the Jinlong Zhuang nationality located on theSino-Vietnamese border through the writing phenomenon of Zi Xue ZuanYao, and found that they have always maintained a strong national identityand ethnic identity, at the same time, they have also adhered to an open andtolerant attitude and a realistic and pragmatic style.


【关键词】Chu Nom, Dictionary, ethnicidentity, nationalidentity, Zhuang’sdiamond-shaped character 字书, 方块壮字, 喃字, 国家认同, 民族认同

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