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Euphonic changes in songs included in Seonmun Yeomsongjip (禪門拈頌集) in Goryeo dynasty

Jiyoung Lee

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This analysis has examined the historical euphonic changes based on the rhyming letters in the songs in Seonmun Yeomsongjip (禪門拈頌集, hereinafter the Compilation) in Goryeo dynasty, which has reached the following conclusions. First, the endings of syllables with vowel endings was not significant and did not significantly change from those of middle Chinese until the Southern Song dynasty. Second, the merger between /-m/ and /-n/ occurred with every single initial. Third, the mergers between /-n/ and /-ŋ/ emerge as well as a result of the influence of the Wu dialect in the Southern Song dynasty. Finally, there are multiple cases of the mixed use of stop endings, among which those of /-t/ and /-k/ are particularly notable.

【关键词】Seonmun Yeomsongjip (禪門拈頌集), The Compilation of Examinations of and Verses on Ancient Precedents, early Mandarin, middle Chinese, euphonic change

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