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Concept and selection criteria for Korean Gukja (國字)

Eunhee Kim

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Korean Gukja (國字), in general, have originality in the formative aspect of their characters and, along with Gugeumja (國音字) and Guguija (國義字), are classified as “Korean-originated Chinese characters.” This article analyzes two issues discovered during the process of comparative examination of the Gukja characters compiled in The Dictionary for Sino-Korean Words of Korean Origin (1992–1996) and A Study on the Chinese Characters of Korean Origin (2014). Firstly, this article analyzes issues raised regarding the concept and classification of Korean-originated Chinese characters. Secondly, it discusses the criteria imposed for the selection of Gukja characters based on those included in ancient Chinese literature and dictionaries. Finally, it analyzes examples with a focus on the originality of the configurational principles and motivation, which worked as a major factor for the selection of Gukja.

【关键词】Gugeum (國音), Gugui (國義), Gukja (國字), homographic characters, loan characters

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