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Comparative analysis of teaching content of high school Chinese textbooks in South Korea: Focused on phonology, morphology, syntax, Chinese characters and pragmatics

Eun Young Jang and Heung Soo Park

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This study attempted to examine the characteristics of current high school Chinese textbooks by comparing and analyzing the educational content of 11 Chinese textbooks by linguistic element. Specifically, the 11 textbooks were compared based on their educational contents on linguistic elements such as phonetics, vocabulary, grammar, Chinese characters and culture, and organized by their unique characteristics. With respect to vocabulary education in particular, the percentage of basic vocabulary in the 11 textbooks varied from 64% to 86%, but, in general, all textbooks included more than two-thirds of basic vocabulary. Additionally, they utilized various teaching methods to teach vocabulary, and actively used real-life activities or games that piqued students’ interest. With respect to grammar education, they generally all covered the contents suggested in the 2015 revised curriculum, but there was a lack of diversity in teaching and learning methods and the need to plan new teaching methods that would keep students engaged. Lastly, some textbooks introduced the Chinese language and China in general in relation to linked subjects; these connections can help students to develop a deeper and broader understanding of China and the Chinese language and is in line with the goal of fostering creative convergence talents outlined in the 2015 revised curriculum. Moving forward, various teaching and learning methods should be designed to keep students interested and engaged in China and learning the Chinese language.

【关键词】Chinese characters lesson, Chinese culture lesson, Chinese phonetic lesson, Chinese vocabulary lesson, Korean high school Chinese textbooks

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