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Since Shuowen Jiezi, the traditional dictionary has gradually developed into four types. Among them, the “Hai pian” series of books were produced in the Jin Dynasty, and more imitations were made in the Ming Dynasty. Influenced by Yupian and Jiyun, the titles of these books contain “ Pianhai “ or “ Haipian”. First of all, one of the representatives, Haipian Xinjing,collects the largest number of Chinese characters in ancient times. Secondly, in terms of the content of the book, the compilation concept, style and comparison with the Shuowen Jiezi reflected in the original “Preface” are worth summarizing. In addition, the re-editing and circulation of the book in the Korean region in the late Ming Dynasty has far-reaching influence on the use of Korean Chinese characters and seal scripts. Therefore, from the perspective of the Sinosphere, there is still research space in its overseas version.

【关键词】“海篇”系字书 《海篇心镜》版本 字量 汉字文化圈 明代字书

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