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Mengqi Cai

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Professor, College of Arts, Hunan Normal University
Associate editor of Journal of Research in Ancient Chinese Language.
Secretary General of Hunan Language Society.
homepage: https://sdwxy.hunnu.edu.cn/info/1023/1190.htm

1.Study on the Phonetic Notation of Shuowenjiezi 说文解字字音注释研究
2.Interpretation of Guang Yun and A comparative study on the phonetic notation of WangYun and Guangyun 《广韵校释》《〈王韵〉〈广韵〉反切注音比较研究》

1.Correspondence between Phonetic Notation and Definition in the Examination and Revision of Modern Large-scale Dictionaries《大型辞书注音审订中的音义对应问题》
2.The phonetic meaning of Guangyun and Jiyun and the phonetic problems of modern large Dictionaries《〈广韵〉〈集韵〉的音义与现代大型辞书的注音问题》
3.The principle of correspondence between sound and meaning and the annotation of Ciyuan、
On the study of annotation and interpretation of ancient Chinese Dictionarie《音义契合原则与〈辞源〉的注音审订》
4.The relationship between Chinese characters and the present reading and revision of historical Chinese characters《古代语文辞书注音释义研究刍议》
5.The Shortcomings of the Phonetic Notations of Hanyudazidian in the Perspective of Guangyun《从〈广韵〉看〈汉语大字典〉的注音缺失》

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