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Ning Wang

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professor in School of Chinese Language and Literature of Beijing Normal University
director of Ancient Chinese teaching and research section, director of Research Center for Folklore, Classics and Chinese Characters of Beijing Normal University, member of expert review group of National Philosophy and Social Sciences, vice-president of Chinese Linguistics Society.

Research Area
Ancient Chinese, Chinese Character, exegetical studies, Shuowen Jiezi

Exegetical methodology
Answer to the Meaning of Ancient Chinese
Shuo Wen Jie Zi and Chinese character studies
Lectures on Chinese Character Construction
Introduction to Chinese Character Construction

1. System theory and the founding of the science of Chinese Characters formation(系统论与汉字构形学的创建)
2.  On the Differences between the Etymological Meanings and the Lexicological Meanings(词源意义与词汇意义论析)
3. Issues in Formalization of Chinese Syntactic Analysis(汉语析句的形式化问题)
4. Dialectic Relationship between Chinese Characters and Chinese Language:Also on the gain and loss of the theory of character as basic unit of Chinese(论汉字与汉语的辩证关系——兼论现代字本位理论的得失)
5. A Historical Account of the Controversies over the Use of Simplified or Unsimplified Chinese Characters and Their Standardization(从汉字改革史看汉字规范和“简繁之争”)
6. The Non-grammatical Features of Chinese Double-syllable Compound Word Structure(汉语双音合成词结构的非句法特征)

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