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Ryu Dongchoon

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Professor,Dean of School of Humanities and International Cultures,Sogang University, Korea
Chairperson of the Association of Chinese Language and Literature in Korea, Chief of the Steering Committee in the Joint Forum of Korean-Chinese Humanities. visiting professorship at Tsinghua University, membership of the Planning Committee at Korea Research Foundation.
homepage: https://prabook.com/web/dongchoon.ryu/1428351

Research Area
oracle bone inscriptions, Ancient Chinese Characters, Chinese Calligraphy, Cultural Theory of Chinese Characters and Symbols

The Story of Nine Asian Alphabetics (commissioned by Unesco Asia-Pacific Center of Education for International Understanding)


 “The ruling ideology of Han Dynasty as seen in ‘Shuowenjiezi (說文解字)’,
“The Usage and Grammatical Constructions of ‘Qi(其)’ in the Carapace-bone-scripts,”
“The Semantic Map of Yi(以) in the Carapace-bone-scripts and Jin Wen Scripts,”
 “A Study on variant analysis of Chinese Characters in Korea.”

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