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Kyoo-Kap Lee

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Professor, Dept. of Chinese Language & Literature, Yonsei University, Korea
Adviser. Korea Association of Chinese Language and Literature
Adjunct Researcher. (漢字文明硏究中心) Zhengzhou University
Special visiting professor. CSACC, East China Normal University
Adviser. The Chinese Linguistics Society of Korea
Director. Institute of Koreana Tripitaka
e-mail: kklee@yonsei.ac.kr

Research field:
Chinese Character; Buddhist literature

New compilation of the five major Buddhist Dictionary scriptures(新編佛經五大音義書彙編, 合著), Institute of Koreana Tripitaka Press, 2017.4.  3,576pages
Yonsei Chinese-Chinese-Korean Dictionary(延世中中韓辭典, 合著), Yonsei Univ. Press, 2015.8.  4,712pages
Text and Interpretation(文字與解釋, 合著), 中西書局, 2015.1. 204pages
Study Sound and Meaning of Buddhist Chinese Books(佛經音義硏究, 合著), 中國鳳凰出版社, 2011.9.   578pages
Dunhuang Documents Overview(敦煌文獻總覽, 合著), Institute of Koreana Tripitaka Press, 2011.7.    484pages
Contrast List of Koreana Tripitaka and Dunhuang literature (高麗大藏經과 敦煌文獻 對照目錄, 合著), Institute of Koreana Tripitaka Press, 2011.7. 2,808pages
The Study Course of Chinese Characters (漢字學敎程), 차이나하우스, 2009.9.  524pages
Dictionary of Rudimentary Chinese Characters (延世初等漢字詞典, 合著), (株)斗山東亞, 2008.1. 1,053 pages
Compare by time Period of Korea-China Chinese Characters(韓中歷代漢字時期別字形比較表稿, 合著), 學古房, 2007.7. 2,692pages
 Dictionary of Chinese Variant Forms in Koreana Tripitaka(高麗大藏經異體字典), Institute of Koreana Tripitaka Press, 2000.12. 1,457pages
 The Curious Chinese Character World (漢字가 궁금하다), 學民社, 2000.7. 327pages
Chinese linguistic History(中國語言學史, 合著), 寶盛, 1999.9. 822pages
Modern Chinese Characters(現代漢字學), 學古房, 2007.2. 617pages
Introduction to Oracle Characters(甲骨文導論, 合譯) 學古房, 2002.10. 371pages

“The Problem of Korean Ancient Stone Inscriptions and the Restoration of Huayan Stone Scription”, Hanyu Hanzi Yanjiu(Jungzhou Univ. China).2019.3.
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“A Study on Visual Phenomenon of Variant Forms Which Created and Broke the Character Components by Stroke change” The Journal of Chinese Characters(CSCCK, Korea), Vol.19. 2017.12.
“A study on Variant Forms That is Replacemented Sound Component” Journal of Chinese Language and linguistics of Korea.( Korea Association of Chinese Language and Literature). Vol.69. 2017.9.
“Causes of the formation of variant forms as a result of changed structure of character components”, Journal of Chinese Writing Systems, (ECNU, Shanghai, China), 2017.6
“A study on alteration characteristic of variant forms that have non-character form character components”, Zhungguowenziyanjiu, Vol.24, (ECNU, Shanghai, China), 2016.12.
“A Study on The Relationship of meaning Between Regular Components and Replased Components Based on Variant Characters That is Made Through the Regular Components is Substitude by Another. Minsudianjiwenziyanjiu,(Beijing Normal Univ. China). Vol.18. 2016.12.
“Homograph Distinction between Variant Form and Misspelling ― Focusing on the Scripts of Kehong Yinyi”, Hanyushixuebao.Vol.16. (Zhejiang Univ. China). 2016.6.
“A study on Relationship of Variant Forms That is Replacemented Meaning Component According to Meaning Estrangement Ratio Between Replacement and be Replacemented.”, Journal of Chinese Culture Study. Vol32. 2016.5(The Society for Chinese Cutural Studies, Korea).
“The mistakes and Varaints of Xuanyingyinyi in the Jingang Temple of Japan”. Studies in language and Linguistics. (Huazhungkeji Univ.  China). Vol.36. 2016.4

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