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Lars Laamann

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Department of History, School of History, Religions & Philosophies,University of London, UK
Senior Lecturer in the History of China, Academic Staff at SOAS China Institute

Research area
•  Popular religion in late imperial China; 
•  Medicine, drugs and healing; 
•  Manchu culture in the Qing empire

Authored Books
Laamann, Lars Peter (2006) Christian heretics in late imperial China : Christian inculturation and state control, 1720-1850. Abingdon/Oxon; New York: Routledge.

Dikotter, Frank and Laamann, Lars Peter and Zhou, Xun (2004) Narcotic Culture: A History of Drugs in China. London: Hurst.


Laamann, Lars (2016) 'Western Journals in China as Witnesses of Epochal Change'. From Empire to Republic: Missionary, Sinology and Literary Periodicals (1817-1949), pp 1-7.
Laamann, Lars (2015) 'Apostasy and Martyrdom in Eighteenth-Century China'. International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church, (15) 4, pp 275-288.
Laamann, Lars (2015) 'Christianity, Magic and Politics in Qing and Republican China'. Central Asiatic Journal, (58) 1/2, pp 89-105.
Laamann, Lars (2014) 'Tiananmen Square is being Cleansed with Blood'. The Conversation [Online].
Laamann, Lars (2002) 'Anti-Christian Agitation as an Example of Late Imperial Anticlericalism'. Extrême-Orient Extrême-Occident, (24 (‘L), pp 47-63.
Laamann, Lars (2002) 'Pain And Pleasure: Opium as Medicine in Late Imperial China'. Twentieth-Century China, (28) 1, pp 1-20.
Dikotter, Frank and Laamann, Lars and Zhou, Xun (2002) 'Narcotic Culture: A Social History of Drug consumption in China'. British Journal of Criminology, (42) 2, pp 317-336.
Laamann, Lars (1997) 'Von Bodissattva Guanyin zur Jungfrau Maria - einige Aspekte zur Inkulturation des Christentums im China des achtzehnten und frühen neunzehnten Jahrhunderts'. Spirita (online journal).
Laamann, Lars (1996) 'The Current State of the Beitang Collections'. Bulletin of the European Association of Sinological Librarians, (6).
Edited Books or Journals
Laamann, Lars and Lee, Joseph Tse Hei, (eds.), (2018) The Church as Safe Haven: Christian Governance in China. Leiden; Chicago: Brill. (Studies in Christian mission).
Laamann, Lars, (ed.), (2017) Central Asiatic Journal – Volume 60. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz. (CAJ).
Laamann, Lars, (ed.), (2016) Central Asiatic Journal – Volume 59:. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz.
Laamann, Lars, (ed.), (2015) Central Asiatic Journal - Volume 58. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz.
Laamann, Lars, (ed.), (2014) Central Asiatic Journal - Volume 56. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz.
Solonin, Kirill and Hill, Nathan W. and Laamann, Lars, (eds.), (2014) Central Asiatic Journal Vol. 57, (Special Tangut Edition). Wiesbaden: Harrasowitz.
Laamann, Lars, (ed.), (2013) Critical Readings: The Manchus in Modern China (1616-2012), 4 Vols.. Leiden: Brill. (Critical Readings).

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