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Yuanlu Wang

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professor at the Centre for the Study and Application of Chinese Character, ECNU, China. 
Research field:Chinese minority scripts, Naxi study
Homepage: https://wenzi.ecnu.edu.cn/Researcher/Show.aspx?Id=13

Selected Publications
1. The Comparative Research Between Words of Malimasha’s Writing System of 50-60’s and 90’s in the 20th Century and its Significance for Written Linguistics (玛丽玛莎文两次调查所得单字的比较及其文字学意义)
2. Revision of Twelve Dongba Characters(东巴文考订十二则)
3. On the Phenomenon of Same Words with Different Records of Dongba Characters in Scriptures(经书中东巴文语同文异现象探索)
4. Research of Newly Discovered Ethnic Ancient Characters and Their Value of Written Linguistics(新发现民族古文字的研究及其文字学价值)
5. Some Puzzles of Ancient Zhuang Characters and Their Research Values(壮族古文字的研究价值与待解谜团)
6. On Studies of Initial Early Stage Writing(初始早期文字研究刍议)
7. Significance,Tasks and Methods——Study on Inherent Relationship Between Chinese Characters and Chinese Minority Writing Systems(意义、任务与方法——中华民族文字的内在历史联系研究刍议)
8. Determining Nature of Taliu Script and Its Significant Meaning for the Study of Early Stage Writing(他留文的定性及其对早期文字研究的价值)
9. On the Structure of Poya Character System and its Stage in the History of Writing Characters(坡芽文字的结构及其在文字史上所处的阶段)
10. Some Thoughts on the Study of Naxi Writing(东巴文字研究随想)
11. We will Have Better Understanding on Dongba Script(我们将会更加了解东巴文字)
12. The Acknowledgement Value and Study Methods of Shuiwen(水文在文字学研究中的认识价值与研究方法)

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